VLN8 – barely missed the sensation!

For the first time ever the SPS automotive performance team run the Mercedes-AMG GT3 on the Nordschleife. As part of the 8th round in the VLN season, the 50th ADAC Barbarossapreis, the team from Willsbach celebrated a successful debut and just barely missed the sensation!

Already the very first Qualifying for SPS on the Nordschleife showed that the whole team is highly motivated in this 4-hour race in the Eiffel: At the end they reached P3 in the class, P4 in the overall ranking and they were the fastest Mercedes-AMG GT3 in the field…An outstanding job of the two drivers Edoardo Mortara and Renger van der Zande!

Finally, in the race Mortara and van der Zande could get to P1 and were holding this position for the better part of the race! Not one of the competitors has been in a distance to get dangerous – so they’ve been on the verge of a win! Furthermore, Mortara and van der Zande put the fastest lap on the track! Unfortunately, a small mistake right before the end of the race lead to a time penalty which costs the overall win. Through the time penalty they dropped to P2. The time wasn’t enough at the end to catch up the leading car. Finally, after 28 laps the SPS Mercedes-AMG GT3 reached the finish line on position 2 with only 3,651 seconds behind!

All in all, an absolutely successful debut for the SPS automotive performance team on the Nordschleife!

Team manager Stephan Sohn:

“Of course, it is a little bit upsetting to lose the overall win right before the end of the race, but it was our very first effort on the Nordschleife and to reach the second place is a fantastic result for us! To be the fastest Mercedes-AMG GT3 on the field and to reach the p2 in the debut is certainly an outstanding performance! Big thanks to the whole team, Mercedes-AMG and our drivers Edoardo Mortara and Renger van der Zande!“