Richard Mille relies on SPS automotive performance

It has finally become official: Richard Mille & SPS automotive performance go common ways from 2018 onwards

The Swiss brand, a relative newcomer to the watchmaking world, started making watches in 2001 but quickly established itself as one of the pre-eminent players within the industry, developing a unique, immediately recognisable architectural aesthetic. Founder and CEO Richard Mille continues obsessively to push the limits of haute horlogerie, his engineers creating increasingly intricate, innovative and elaborate designs.

Richard Mille’s success is a product of three crucial elements: the best in technical innovation, the best of artistry and architecture, the best of fine watchmaking’s heritage and culture, exemplified by hand finishing.

From the very inception of the brand, in 2001, Richard Mille endeavoured to apply to watchmaking techniques and materials found in the most innovative sectors, such as Formula 1 racecar development or the aerospace industry, always with the goal of creating an extreme timepiece that was both uncompromising and gimmick-free. High-tech materials that are difficult to work with, such as grade 5 titanium and ARCAP, carbon nanofibre, Quartz TPT® and ceramics, to name only a few, are used extensively in his watches.

A watch designed by Richard Mille is marked by the absence of superfluity. Just as we find in today’s high-speed racing cars, function dictates form; there is neither use nor room for an approach driven solely by aesthetics. For Richard Mille, every screw, every pinion, lever or spring must fulfil its mission, meeting the highest standards of security and precision, exactly like a racing car, and this conviction is manifest not only visually, but throughout each design choice and every phase of the watch’s production.

It is 2003 that marks the year of birth of Swabian SPS automotive performance business.

That was when founder and CEO Stephan Sohn looking back on 7 years of experience in the special vehicles & components department of HWA AG decided to strike out his own in the sector of high performance street legal and special vehicles and high-end motor sports.

Crucial for being successful in this fast and highly technical environment is accurate performance and reliability.
Both – partners and customers of SPS – highly appreciate the precise and experienced performance of a team having been working and growing together over years. Being familiar with latest technologies and being spurred by the ambition to deliver best performance.

Certainly another reason why the idea of cooperation was born from initial simple talks: that many parallels cannot and must not be ignored.

Not necessarily but at the same time not surprising, that now the paths crossed with SPS automotive performance promising an exciting cooperation.