No „Monkey Business“ at all!

A new partner of SPS automotive performance is Speed Monkeys GmbH having their homebase in Herten, Germany. The company‘s slogan “Cars, Lifestyle & Events” outlines very well their broad range of services and hearing it for the first time this raises expectations that definitely will not be dashed.

The Monkeys – as they call themselves – have their finger on the pulse of time. The glue between them is their common passion for racing with all of its facets.

The company’s founder and CEO, Lance David Arnold, and SPS automotive performance are bound by a long-standing cooperation, which over the years became a true and honest friendship. SPS Teamchef Stephan Sohn and Lance D. Arnold look back on more than 10 exciting and successful joint years in the racing sport. Currently they work together in two different Race Series being International GT Open and Hankook 24h on various grids in Europe.

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