Hankook 24H Dubai 2017 – SPS again with a strong performance!

7th place in class and 8th overall ranking for SPS automotive performance

For the first time team SPS automotive performance launched the new AMG GT3 at the 24H Series in Dubai. Last year still with the Mercedes SLS only a technical defect could stop the team from finishing in the top 3. For years now SPS automotive performance has demonstrated a strong performance in the Hankook 24H Series.

But with the season opening at the 24H Dubai there waits a special event which has high demands of people and machines. From 12th to 14th January 2017 a total of 92 racecars started in the three classes. In the class A6 relevant for SPS the starter field included 24 competitors.

In the perfectly prepared Mercedes AMG GT3 (6200cc) a proven driver quartet around Lance David Arnold, Valentin Pierburg, Tim Müller and Tom Onslow-Cole started for team SPS. In the qualifying session the team could reach “only” position 14 for the race because a loss of power of about 60 hp prevented a better placement due to a technical problem.

The very good times from the warm-up session before the race showed clearly that the night shift of the team before the race bore fruit: mistakes could be detected and eliminated – the SPS GT3 drove perfectly and the hope was there for a good performance in the race: 24 hours could be damn long!

After the start of the race Lance-David Arnold was able to get to the top ranks of the field with a very good pace. He drove through the field from place 14 all over to place 3! In the following hours team SPS could establish vllt eher assert themselves in the front ranks!
Approximately halfway through the race, however, a necessary repair on the braking system cost precious 17 minutes and the SPS Mercedes GT3 had to queue up at position 17. With ambition and excellent driving the driver team could get back to the front ranks step by step (or better: vehicle for vehicle) – perfect tank and pit stops perfected the performance.

And after a flawless stint by Valentin Pierburg the SPS car with starting number 16 was again back in 7th place and on P8 in the overall rating! On this placement Pierburg – obviously satisfied – crossed the finished line under the checkered flag.
So fast are 24 hours!

Stephan Sohn:

It was not an easy race weekend for us but the race itself, except for the repair on the brake, went very well. The drivers and the entire team showed an outstanding performance at this difficult long-distance race in Dubai! The starter field once again was extremely strong! Thus, P7 in the class and P8 overall is a top result! I would like to thank the whole team for their performance!