Deserved podium at the end of the season

For the last race of the Michelin Le Mans Cup 2019 our team went to warm Portugal, more precisely to Portimâo at the Circuit de Algarve de Portimâo.
After the last two races at Barcelona and Spa, where you were on the podium all the time but never made it, the goal for that last race was clear – podium!

Right from the start everyone was confident, as the track in Portugal is basically very good for our AMG GT3 due to the many fast corners. This tendency was also confirmed in the first practice sessions, in which we were able to place ourselves consistently in the top 3. Dexter Müller was also able to prove himself in his Bronze Driver Training and put his AMG in 4th place.
With these positive test results we went into Saturday with a good feeling. Here, unlike in the previous season, only one training session and the qualifying took place. This last practice was mainly about preparing Dexter and the car for qualifying. In qualifying this meticulous preparation of the drivers as well as the team paid off and Dexter was able to qualify confidently on P3. So we were well prepared for the race on Sunday and could look forward to an exciting race.

In the race it was up to Dexter to drive the start. He did the same very well. With an outstanding pace Dexter could drive on P2 and increase the distance to P3. Due to 2 full course yellow phases, the distance to P1 remained constant, which led to Yannick Mettler coming out 5 seconds behind the Ferrari of Kessel Racing, who was on position 1, after the pit stop. Of course we tried to win the race at any price and at the beginning Yannick was able to reduce the gap with a few fast laps. However the Ferrari from Kessel and the Aston Martin from Beechdean AMR Racing were simply too fast due to better BoP and they decided to go home without risking a 3rd place.
This 3rd place in the last race was more than deserved and everyone could be very satisfied with the season. In return for the fact that we as a team were racing in the Le Mans Cup for the first time and both drivers had their first season on a GT3, we were able to achieve remarkable results and are highly satisfied.
In the overall standings Yannick and Dexter finished 5th in the GT3 class, 3 points behind 4th and 14th in P3.
In the team ranking we could also sit on place 5 with the same distances to P3 and 4.

Thus a successful Michelin Le Mans Cup season 2019 comes to an end and you can say that we all have learned a lot and are now ready to attack again next year.
At this point a big thank you goes out to our two drivers, Dexter Müller and Yannick Mettler, who delivered a solid performance throughout the year and, with one exception in Monza, never broke the car.
Also thanks to CBRX for their support this year.
Last but not least thanks to the ACO for this platform of the Michelin Le Mans Cup.

Nevertheless, the motorsport year is far from over for our team, so there is a winter, but no winter break. Now in November the season finale of the Intercontinental GT Challenge in Kyalami / South Africa is scheduled. Then comes the 12H race in Abu Dhabi in December, before we celebrate our comeback at the 24H in Dubai in January after a one-year break.

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