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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sportscup Spa - successful weekend for SPS drivers

The last weekend, our drivers started again at the race track in Spa-Francorchamps for the 5th round of the Porsche Sportscup 2009.

Nerijus Dagilis from Lithuania started in the Super Sportscup with a 2007 GT3 Cup  and Greg Ross from Australia with a 2009 GT3 Cup in The GT3 Cup Challenge.  Moreover both together drove the Endurance race in the 2007 car.


Nerijus Dagilis reached place 4 in the free practice session and place 17 in the Qualifying of the Supersportscup. At the 1st race he got place 19 from which he fought to place 12 in the 2nd race. This means place 9 in his class 5c.


In the Endurance race Nerijus Dagilis und Greg Ross reached place 12, after falling behind in the 1st round from place 15 to place 20 and then they drove forth again. With it they got place 4 in their class 5c.


Greg Ross started from place 15 in the GT3 Cup Challenge and finished also on place 12.

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